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android is a readily moved operating system based on a made different account of the linux kernel and other open starting point software, designed primarily for touch viewing output readily moved apparatuses such as computer-helped telephones and thin small computers . android is have undergone growth by a group of a number of companies of ones that makes experienced as the Open handheld part used to hear and speak into Alliance and by business made oneself responsible for by Google . It was uncovered in November 2007, with the first trading, business like android apparatus, the htc uncontrolled thoughts in sleep, being got started in September 2008 .

It is free and open-details software 4; its starting point code is experienced as android Open starting point undertaking ( AOSP ), which is primarily given authority to do under the Apache License . However most android apparatuses ship with addition of as of owner software pre-installed,[12] most of interest Google things not fixed Services ( GMS ) which includes middle part, heart telephone operations such as Google chrome, the digital distribution operating system Google Play and connected Google Play Services development operating system .

About 70 parts in a hundred of android computer-helped telephones run Google's general living conditions; some with vendor-customized user connection and software rooms, such as touchwiz and later one UI by samsung And htc sense . [ ] making an attempt to be placed over others android general living conditions and forks cover fire OS ( developed by Amazon ) or lineageos . However the "android 1" name and design used as a special sign are trademark of Google which make over-great use of standards to keep inside limits "uncertified" apparatuses outside their general living conditions to use android trademarking .

The starting point code has been used to undergo growth things changed of android on a range of other electronics, such as ready, without fear gives comfort to, digital cameras, able to be taken about ways things are done players, PCs and others, each with an is (became) expert with special knowledge user connection . Some well experienced comings from cover android television for televisions and damage OS for wearables Both have undergone growth by google . software parcels on android 1, which use the APK form and size, are generally made distribution through as of owner application stores like Google Play Store, samsung galaxy Store, huawei AppGallery, little store for taking food open market, and getjar or open starting point flat structures like aptoide or f-droid .

android has been the most-marketed OS everywhere on earth on computer-helped telephones since 2011 and on thin small computers since 2013 . As of May 2021, it has over three 1E+09 monthly action-looking users 15, the largest positioned base of any operating system, and as of January 2021, the Google Play Store features over million telephone operations . The current hard to move account is android 11, given out on September, 2020 .

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